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Management Reporting

Our agile reporting structure & design provides Incisive news on real time basis

Management reports reflects the health of your organizational strategy. This powerful tool must be effectively used to align the organization in the stated direction. But if your current management reporting system is not delivering value for your organization, something may be missing. It could be the link to your goals, it might be the projects, or perhaps it’s the action items from one meeting to the next.

Exploring full potential of the BI Tools

Companies of different sizes and at different stages of growth utilize these tools. They reap various benefits, among them being fast and accurate reporting, competitive analysis, increased data quality, and the gaining of valuable business insights. However, there are some usual challenges that our clients have faced & we been able to provide good support on:

  1. Poor Query Performance
  2. Lack of Inhouse skillset to develop insightful reports
  3. Bad Data Quality


Besides the internal information that should be reported, top management also expects its reports to contain additional relevant information on the external environment which impacts the company’s performance (e.g., related to customers or regions) in order to provide them with a comprehensive view of the business. We help businesses organize their reports so that it meets following purpose:

  • Business perspectives next to financial details
  • External information that should trigger new insights and steer decisions
  • Adjustable reports adapting to a changing business environment

Focus area should be analysis, & not preparation

Management reporting is expected to drive decision making and strategy execution through providing transparency and early warning. A leading survey reveals that only 24% of time is spent on analysis of reports and taking the necessary actions. By activating the 3 levers , namely content flexibility, governance & systems, our reporting framework enables an organization to maximize insights from both its transactional & BI data