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Competitor Intelligence

Benchmarking your close competitors

Competitive intelligence enables understanding of the competitor’s operations and helps in anticipating the behavior of your customers & other players in the market. This intelligence provides you with the necessary tools and analysis you need to address following business issues

  • Tactical market monitoring
  • Assessing customer needs
  • Behaviors and decision processes
  • Identification and assessment of new growth opportunities.

Construction Industry Peer Report Sample

This means you need to get incisive information on the competitor’s strategy around:

  • Target Customer
  • Product portfolio mapping to target customers
  • Pricing Decisions.
  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation.
  • Geographical Considerations
  • Customer Demographics
  • The powerful insights enables you to understand proactively, a competitor’s value proposition and differentiators.

We help structuring this data in a form which is easy to understand through visual and graphical representation like graphs, charts, tables etc.

These visual representations are then given valuable definitions and ratios:

  • Key financial ratios
  • FX and currency alignment
  • Compliant to — Statutory, IFRS or local GAAP requirements.
  • Customizing the sales data sets to product or services type.

Examples of such data tracking:

  • A client may be interested in tracking the key financial results & ratios of its close competitors in the same geography or globally. We would help in tracking this information from the officially released information, proprietary database access (licensed), analyst reviews, Association reviews etc.
  • A client may be interested in compiling the information on the strategic information of its close competitors.
  • Compiling the sales information by key client segment for a competitor in a specific geography.