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Data Insights

Often our clients generate enough data that’s seldom used by them to generate an effective insights.

We use statistical ways of extracting/ accumulating these data sets & depending upon the needs of our clients, convert them into effective insights.

Incisive views on past trends are then available to enable different strategic initiatives. Depending on the data sets volumes and the complexity, various statistical tools like Hadoop, Dimension, R software are then deployed for analyzing the data.

We have successfully provided these data solutions to our clients in the following areas:

  • Reviewing the data for the suppliers for last 5 years to review the commercial relationship based upon the discount, credit & business given to them.
  • Detailed data insights on the direct & indirect spends by category of items for past few years.
  • Customer sales order & payment pattern.
  • Compare the efficiencies of employees in different region based upon agreed KPI relationships.