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Smart Data Lab

We help generate data sets for your organizational needs

Every aspect of our day to day functioning has a direct co-relation with data around us, from goods we buy to the way communication happens, to the choices we make in professional and personal lives, is a direct outcome of the way data has transformed our lives.

Combined together the extensive R&D along with the experience of the industry veterans, a unique framework has been formulated by Renalytiks, called the Smart Data Lab (SDL).

It is a unique methodology that combines scientific and computational approaches to derive logical outcomes from a set of data that enables each one of us in taking informed and weighed decisions basis the knowledge that has been deciphered through the data available to us.

  • Customized Data Solutions Designed by our data specialists enabling companies make decisions on their sales, services and operations, these include but not limited to:
    • Trends
    • Customer behavior
    • Customer intelligence
    • Industry evolution
    • User Friendly Data bases
    • Complex data engines and ALGO techniques
    Smart Data Lab (SDL) has a unique approach that spans across various industrytypes. It deploys tools like statistics, visualization, programming, and data mining to solve the complex challenges faced by organizations. This data can also.....
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  • Ready to Use Data
    • Collaborative and Integrated Innovation with our clients has helped us achieve a wide variety of solutions to a whole set of complex challenges.
    • Single or multiple sources of readily available data, which is often inconsistent and complex is transformed into easy to understand scenarios and simulations.
    • With fine tuning this master data to the needs of the audience, it can be utilized by different..... Read More
    • Competitor Intelligence

      Competitive intelligence enables understanding of the competitor's operations and helps in anticipating the behavior of your customers & other players in the market. This intelligence provides you with the necessary tools and analysis you need to address following business issues

      • Tactical market monitoring
      • Assessing customer needs
      • Behaviors and decision processes
      • Identification and assessment of new growth opportunities.

      Construction Industry Peer Report Sample

    • Data Insights Often our clients generate enough data that’s seldom used by them to generate an effective insights. We use statistical ways of extracting/ accumulating these data sets & depending upon the needs of our clients, convert them into effective insights. Incisive views on past trends are then available to enable different strategic initiatives. Depending on the data sets volumes and the complexity, various statistical tools like Hadoop, Dimension,..... Read More